Bitdefender 2010 bugs

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Stringtheory, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. Stringtheory

    Stringtheory Registered Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    After reading some great reviews, I bought and installed BitDefender
    Total Security 2010. Problems right from the start--the software
    issued fatal error messages on attempt to install. That problem
    was finally solved (well, sort of) by going through some convoluted
    process involving download of an obscure executable from the BD site,
    system adjustments, etc.

    Then another series of errors when trying to do the first signature
    download. Same kind of to 3 different BD techs who have
    me directly downloading fixes (so apparently they see this kind of
    thing often enough).

    BD's first scan turned up such viruses as JPG's that were part of
    something from MSDN (I'm a developer, MSDN is Microsoft). And
    it flagged a text file that I had edited myself, which had only names
    and URLs for several antivirus programs. Weird. In fact, BD took
    the liberty of deleting that file, despite my being careful to configure
    it to ask before deleting or quarantining anything. That is a concern--
    I have no idea what else it may have deleted.

    Now after just a day of runtime, the system slows drastically and
    task manager shows the notorious "seccenter.exe" chewing up 80%
    of available CPU cycles. The seccenter problem is one that was
    reported by many almost a year ago. Apparently that was never

    Anyway, I'm left wondering why the favorable reports. The program
    looks worse than amateurish--it's dangerous if it will delete things
    like innocuous text files.

    Anyone with similar experience...did you have any luck with fixes
    for the bugs? I'm especially concerned with "seccenter", as it is
    apparently persistent, and has forced users to abandon Bitdefender.

    BTW, this particular system is a fast Intel Quad Core with 4 gigs ram,
    running official Win XP SP3 (again direct from MSDN/Microsoft). There
    is nothing particularly unusual about the system except for development
    tools, but those are standard Microsoft issue. No other antivirus software
    installed. I do have other systems configured with other av software;
    Kaspersky, Trend, etc. While I'm not fond of Trend, it has been a walk
    in the park compared with Bitdefender.
  2. progress

    progress Guest

    You can find a similiar thread here :)

    Yes - BitDefender seems to sell beta versions to their customers since BitDefender 2009 :gack:
  3. Stringtheory

    Stringtheory Registered Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    Thanks for your reply. That thread seems to be referring to some kind
    of timeout though. I haven't seen that one yet, so I've got something
    else to look forward to. <g> Hard to imagine that they've got fixes
    for all the various bugs scattered here and there (they were referring
    me to URLs that had 'one off' downloads of exe files), but they can't
    seem to just fix the main program.

    At least that thread seemed to have a happy ending. I can't imagine
    a magic fix for all the bugs that I've seen. I've already made lots of
    calls to Bitdefender, and each time it's "those instructions will fix
    Bitdefender"...bye. They seem anxious to get off the phone before
    patches and fixes are tested, and fail. But who's possible.

    One interesting thing mentioned in your thread... They said that
    F-Secure and G-Data use the Bitdefender engine. Maybe one or
    both of those are less bug-ridden? I've heard that G-Data uses two
    engines, so presumably Bitdefender is one...Any idea what the other
    engine is?

    Or maybe if the engine code is not solid, I should just go with another
    antivirus. After this experience, I'll be looking to avoid false positives.
    Easy enough to score high on virus detection if you flag every single
    file that looks even slightly odd (I still can't believe BD deleted a simple
    ascii .TXT file).
  4. Hawk82

    Hawk82 Registered Member

    Feb 11, 2007
    The other one is avast antivirus :D
  5. Sm3K3R

    Sm3K3R Registered Member

    Feb 29, 2008
    Unfortuntelly since BitDefender 10 this software is going on the wrong path.

    BD 2008 was the first to blue screen me ,BD 2009 was unusable for me since the aparition and BD 2010 it s simply a Alpha.
    The strange thing is that BD 2010 as beta was beter than the actual builds.I ve dropped it with few months of license left since january 2010 ,when some strange thing happend to one of my hard drives just after some crap program update (the update brought some other bugs but thats normal).
    The speed of fixing bugs is very slow ,while Avast fixes some bug in few days for them it takes months bringing brand new bugs also

    I call it BugDefender now and i totally lost my trust in this software.

    The engine itself is exellent and F-Secure ,G-DATA ,BullGuard (or what ever Bitdefender engine based antivirus outthere) are able to secure any PC because the other components that put the engine at work are properly designed and coded.

    If the 2011 get out like 2010 they re doomed.
  6. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    Yeah, F-Secure and G-Data are pretty stable.
    I guess the problem is Bitdefender itself, but the engine is pretty good :D
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