Beware, Cookie Controller Firefox addon acting Malicious for Google Cookies!

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    Nov 10, 2014
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    I have been using Cookie Controller Add-on for Firefox and the other day I opened the settings and Google was white-listed after I blocked it, I blocked Google again, and Cookie controller added a white-list right in front of my eyes as the Cookie controller window was open see the examples


    Without any User action, Cookie controller White-listed the Google Cookie, and notice its http unencrypted cookie that sends unencrypted statistical metadata about every site your visiting.


    This also happened with the cookie when visiting YouTube, you can recreate the problem yourself by watching it Maliciously add Google's cookies as an Exception as you stare the cookie controller exceptions list window.

    Another user on the Cookie Controller Firefox add-on page also warns of this. (read this after I noticed the issue myself, which confirmed it wasn't just a bug on my end.

    Google may have paid this guy to do this for them so they can Force Track people with their Malicious Intrusive Tracking Google Spy cookies? It seems Google is infiltrating everything that has to do with the Internet.

    I have not tested with other sites, so my Opinion on Google paying this guy to add a malicious exceptions backdoor, may or may not be valid

    Just a Heads up for anyone who hasn't noticed!