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    Aug 24, 2003
    For those members that are using Benign Email software, the following is questions and answers from their support team on the effectiveness on detecting virus,worms and malicous scripts.
    1.) Would you safely assume one could open a attachment after benign scan the file safely?
    Yes, but with an explanation.
    On Low security setting all bat,com,exe,pif,scr,shs are, by default, renamed by Benign.
    In Benign click Tools>>Options>>Security profiles>> Low

    Benign will rename the file. i.e. filename.exe will be renamed filename.exe.b9
    You can save this file to anywhere on your computer.
    The file will saved as filename.exe.b9
    When you open filename.exe.b9. Warnings come up and say 'This file may be dangerous. Are you sure you wish to open it?'
    If you go ahead and click 'Yes' then filename.exe will be executed. If it is a virus then it will execute and your anti virus program will hopefully pick it up. Think of Benign (and MailWasherPro) as first levels of defense. You should still have an anti virus program running.

    If you answer 'Yes' then Benign will place them in a temporary directory called C:\Windows\Temp\B9_protected while the correct application to open is used. The files will remain in the B9_protected directory until your computer is rebooted.

    On Medium and High security setting all bat,com,exe,pif,scr,shs are, by default, are blocked by Benign.
    I.e. the mail arrives in your inbox but without the filename.exe attachment.

    If you are a Power User then Low is fine because you will know that opening it will cause your PC to be infected.

    2.). What would be the degree of percentage Bengin catches all viruses and malicious scripts?
    Now this depends on the security profile(Low, Medium, High or user created) setting , the degree of additional file types you may have added (like zip) and other configurations you have made in Benign. Benign is very configurable and you can create special security profile for one email address if you like. So hard to give an answer here.

    I have never had a virus, on default Low security profile with zip file type added (zip will be added by default in the next release of Benign).

    Home Page for Benign
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