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  1. Reny2000

    Reny2000 Registered Member

    Oct 29, 2004

    i've just boght TI Server and i need some help:

    I've 2 HD scsi mirrored (2 x 34,800) and today i put a new HD IDE 120GB

    The first thing i need is to make a perfect clone of the System disk (win 2003 server std with 2 partitions) on the new IDE HD.
    This is because i need to have an alternative bootable operative system if somethings is wrong.

    Wich step i've to follow WITHOUT loose anythings?

    Thanx a lot

  2. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello Renato,

    Thank you for purchasing Acronis True Image Server (

    Please run SysPrep utility from Microsoft in order to prepare your system for migration to another hardware (SCSI disk to IDE disk). Please read the following information:

    After that please use the "Clone Disk" wizard in order to clone your system to the new IDE hard drive.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Andrew Berezovsky
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