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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by dschoppe, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. dschoppe

    dschoppe Guest


    I'm wondering if it is possible to backup multiple PCs to the SAME tape across the LAN (assuming sufficient space on the tape of course)? Or does each PC's full backup plus incrementals need to be isolated on separate media/tape?

    At the moment I can't try this myself as my VXA tape drive isn't seen by TI Corp Workstation, but before I spend too much more time working the issue, I want understand if the tape is very useful under TI. Having to swap tapes for each PC backup doesn't make it very useful for me at least.

    I'm coming from a "Retrospect" frame of reference, where one can select an arbitrary number of client PC's ahead of time, and then the backup runs, prompting for tape replacment when each tape is full.

    I'm beginning to suspect that TI is GREAT for backup/bare metal restore of an isolated PC with a dedicated storage device (HD), but that when it comes to scheduling and backing up multiple PCs in a network environment to a shared backup device, that perhaps Retrospect is still the more elegant/convenient solution? No disrespet to Acronis meant here, I'm just trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

  2. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello Don,

    Thank you for your interest in Acronis Remote Workstation Disk Backup Software.

    Please accept my apologies for the delay with the response.

    The following quotation from section 4.4 of Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation 8.0 User's Guide should answer your questions:

    "...The current version of Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation supports
    tape drives. It can store images on and restore them from tape, store large
    to multiple tapes, and append incremental images on to a tape with the existing images.

    If you have a SCSI tape drive connected to your workstation, the list of
    available for image storage and restoration will be extended with a
    corresponding to the drive type.

    Images are created on and restored from tapes in the same way as from
    devices, with the following exceptions.

    1. If you are to use data tapes previously used by other programs, their contents will be cleared;

    2. A new, full image can be stored on an empty tape only. If you use tapes already contain data, their contents will be cleared and overwritten;

    3. Incremental images can be appended to the tape containing the previous either full, or incremental;

    4. You don't have to provide a filename to store an image on or restore it tape;

    You might experience short pauses that are required to rewind the tape.

    Low-quality or old tape, as well as dirt on the magnetic head, might lead to pauses that can last up to several minutes long..."

    As for the problem with the tape drive recognition. Could you please provide me with the more detailed information on the problem?

    Tell me if Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation 8.0 fails to recognize your tape drive when it runs from under Windows or when booted from the special Bootabl Rescue CD.

    Please also tell me if you have received any error messages. What exact error messages?

    Describe actions taken before the problem appears step-by-step.

    What operating system is installed on your PC?

    Please find the build number as it is shown here and let me know it.

    Thank you.
    Alexey Popov
  3. dschoppe

    dschoppe Registered Member

    Sep 14, 2005
    Hi Alexey,

    Thanks for responding.

    Your tech support is already looking into the tape issue. My drive is an Exabyte / Ecrix VXA tape with firewire interface, and evidently TI does not yet support firewire tape.

    No worries. Honestly, if I can't store full and incremental images from MULTIPLE computers on the SAME tape media, then I wouldn't use this "feature" anyway. I'd likely rely on a separate file based backup program save the images to tape, or depend on Restrospect for file based tape backups as I do now.

    Thank you,
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