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    Apr 4, 2014

    Please forgive me if this is elementary but I searched the forum and really didn't come up with what I am looking for.

    I am a new user of Backup & Recovery 2014 Free. I have always used Ghost in the past, but for one reason or another, cannot find my Ghost software.

    Anyhow, my scenario is this. I have an old Windows 98 system where the HDD is failing, so I backed up via B&R. I selected the entire drive, MBR and all. Back up was successful (ignoring all errors).

    How I am using B&R: I plugged the HDD as a slave into a WinXP system. I backed up the slave. Powered down, added the new HDD, and restored.

    I have restored the image several times highlighting various lines in the 'what to restore' prompt. No matter what I do, the drive will not boot when I put it back into my 98 PC.

    Can someone point me in the right direction for this? Perhaps a page in the manual that can help? I am really at a loss.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Jul 31, 2012
    G'day Irish634,

    I'm no guru, have not used B&R 2014 Free and never even attempted anything close to what you are trying to achieve right now, but I can make a couple of suggestions, which I think is worth trying. What you are trying to achieve sounds fairly unique in terms restoring a W98 image with modern day imaging software. Also note, I think its a bit "hit and miss" with W98, meaning - you can try a few things, but it might not work.

    It sounds like what you are attempting to accomplish is really hit and miss, since you're using imaging software that is not supported for W98 (even thought you are creating the image within XP). When creating the image with the procedure you described, it might be excluding or not seeing certain W98 system files or boot files - hence the reason why its probably not booting (I could be wrong).

    Therefore I would suggest the following:

    - If you want to give Paragon B&R 2014 another shot with the procedure you described, try doing an image backup "sector-by-sector" (Go to "Tools"->"Settings"->Copy and Backup Options", then tick where it says "HDD raw processing". You may as well also tick "Partition raw processing"). This will ensure everything on the W98 hard-disk gets saved to the image, therefore it will not exclude anything such as hidden files or unrecognised system files. According to the user manual, this can be achieved with B&R 2014 as illustrated on page 29 (B&R 2014 User Manual)

    - If the above does not work for you, then it might be worth having a go at booting straight into the B&R 2014 "recovery disk environment" on your W98 PC by using your recovery/boot disk (see page 13 of the manual). I've rarely needed to use the recovery disk myself, but I'm assuming you should be able to create an image backup (sector-by-sector) and also restore an image using the Linux recovery environment provided on the recovery disk (I could be wrong). You probably won't even need to use the XP PC to create the image, since it will use the Linux environment on the CD. Therefore, no harm in having a go on your W98 PC to see if you can use Paragon B&R 2014 via your Linux recovery disk. Once again, hit and miss, but worth a shot.

    - If any of the above does not work for you, it might be worth trying something like Clonezilla, which also uses a Linux based environment on a live CD. With Clonezilla, you can do a hard disk clone (as long as you are not trying to clone a larger HDD to a smaller HDD (Use the "disk-to-disk" option, aka "device-device"). The GUI in Clonezilla appears to be a little frightening at first, but it is much easier then what appears at first sight. There's lots of guides/tutorials if you just do a Google search or click on the "related-articles" link on the Clonezilla page. Take your time learning it and using it (Here's a brief guide)

    All the Best :)
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    Aug 17, 2009
    Unfortunately it is not possible to keep Windows 98 bootable after restore since when you restore partition or disk program engine checks whether there was Windows restored and updates MBR according to it and old DOS bootloader is not supported. You may backup especially MBR (First Hard Disk Track) of your source disk and restore it after restoring Windows 98 partitions to force source DOS boot code to be written into MBR.

    HDD Raw Copy will keep source disk MBR, but it works only for HDD Copy operation that is not available