B&R 2010 will not reconize new ext HDD

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    Feb 28, 2014
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    I am running xp and just got a WD 3TB ext HDD. the computer recognizes it but when I take a snap shot using 2010 B&R it will load an arc file on the HDD, but when I go to the console I see the snap shot icon, but when I click on explore it is empty. The arc file is there, about 50gb. The HDD does not show up as a option for BU, I have to go to back up entire disk the browse for the new HDD.

    I am thinking 2010 B&R does not fully support a 3TB HDD

    I can use the file transfer wizard no problem, meaning I can move files around from the image but can not back up to it. The backup wizard does not show the new HDD as an option for back up.

    Everything works fine on my ext WD 500gb HDD

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