B&R 10 times out on slow wakening NAS

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by mrsneabs, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. mrsneabs

    mrsneabs Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2010
    Most of the time my scheduled backups in B&R 10 fail due to what I believe a timeout as the NAS (a Netgear Stora) is not realy responding fast enough when B&R is waking it up. If I deliberately (even from another PC) use the NAS some time before then the scheduled backup runs smoothly. Is there a way to make a change in the script to make B&R more patient or put some read command in the backup script and then wait for 3 seconds or so.

    Of course I can schedule a command in windows to run prior to the scheduled B&R but I consider that a lousy fix.

    Is there a neat solution for this that only involves the backup scripts??

  2. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Mar 29, 2010
    There is such option to add separate task before running the backup.

    Go to Tools - Settings - Run during backup options

    But you still will need to create *.BAT file to send request to NAS which will be exacuted before backup.
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