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  1. CNET said AVG Linkscanner was hard to remove, so I opted for AVG Secure Search. Normally reputation scanners have a fair part of grey icons (unknown websites, websites not scanned). Surprisingly large number of websites have been checked (see pic). Tested this month's collection of fresh malware from friend's honey pot and AVG did not as good as I had hoped (MSE neither by the way, MSE did not reach the 92% blocking by far from latest AV-Comparatives real life test, so could be a small test sample victim).

    Does any of you know some URL-filter test performed by (independent) testing organisations (to get an idea of real life efficiency)? Please post a link.



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    I'm afraid there's none. It's the same sad story with security toolkits other than AVs. Both users/readers and testing organizations are only interested in AV software. There are, however, some YouTesters who have done some tests for URL filtering services. But what I've seen mostly about AVG secure search is about how to remove it instead, just if it's a malware. :doubt:
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    There are anti-phishing test results in AV Comparative for the web filters in AV software though.

    No, AVG was not included.
  4. Thanks , googled some more and foun a list

    Dennis labs
    Virus Bulletin
    Two with older tests (any good) ICSA-labs and Westcoast-labs
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