AVG 8.0 Network Edition Problems, Problems, Problems

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by paulbeattie87, May 17, 2008.

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  1. paulbeattie87

    paulbeattie87 Registered Member

    May 14, 2008
    I know this is an Ewido forum but they are AVG now and this has really started to annoy me.

    So far nobody at AVG has taken any of the issues I have reported with v8.0 seriously, they have no fixes, nor any solutions to the numerous issues I have encountered with the product. I will detail some below in the hope that somebody from AVG takes it seriously.

    Update manager: Update manager will not automatically update on Windows 2000 Professional if the main install partition is FAT32. Supports official solution to this problem is to manually update every day. They claim it will be fixed in the next AVG update, when this will come they don't know.

    E-mail scanner: E-mail scanner after a few days stops the networking stack in Windows Vista functioning meaning the computer has no access to the internet. Once the email scanner service has been stopped network access is restored.

    Firewall: The firewall on XP Professional continuously pops up asking for confirmation on programs which you have given permission to previously. Even if you tell AVG to remember the application it forgets.

    Linkscanner: crashes browsers whether firefox or IE, it also slows down browsing. This happens on Vista, XP and 2000.

    Last but not least is freezing. On the Vista machine for whatever reason after using the computer for a few hours AVG would eventually cause the computer to lock-up. Once AVG was removed (it was hard to get off) the computer functioned correctly again.

    I'm just glad that the license is due for renewal in mid June and I can get away from AVG. 8.0 really knocked my confidence in AVG in every department. Perhaps the most shocking was technical supports response to some of these issues.
    It's the complete lack of knowledge by everybody, releasing a poor product. Really having to tell a user to manually update their machine every day is beyond a joke. Then being told their is no fix for the issue and they don't know when it will arrive. Be better off with a chocolate kettle.

    AVG still expect me to pay good money for such a rubbish product? It really is a complete joke. It's not even a joke, its pathetic.

    Wish I had never recommended AVG to anybody after the issues I have experienced. This release really has made AVG the laughingstock of the IT security industry, I though Symantec's Norton was bad, its not even close to the sheer incompetence on display from AVG.

    Look forward to the response from anybody within AVG or Ewido, its got to be better than anything they have told me before. :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:
  2. robinb9

    robinb9 Registered Member

    Apr 3, 2006
    i am finding that on the firewall part it keeps forgetting even if you click on the check mark to remember it permanently. It is more of a nuisance than a problem.

  3. paulbeattie87

    paulbeattie87 Registered Member

    May 14, 2008
    Yeah thats another problem I have found. It's not something you can roll out to a production environment and not expect major gripes from users.

    It just seems that AVG have completely forgotten about the needs of business users with the 8.0 release. Tech supports lack of knowledge only makes the problem worse, made worse not knowing when any of the issues will be fixed. If AVG knew the issue would be fixed before our renewal then just maybe we would have renewed, as the issues should have been fixed.

    The problem with AVG now is, they have a substandard product which is no cheaper than the competition. Yes the renewal price is good but the product is not fit for purpose. Everybody is doing 2 year licenses now which was their main advantage over other security solutions.

    I could go next month and renew AVG which from my understanding means rolling out 8.0 as our 7.5 license will no longer be valid. That means pulling 7.5 from our machines and getting 8.0 out. The other option is I could go to Eset and get their product, roll it out and it will work.
    I don't really want to keep 7.5 as it has it own problems e.g. freezing machine when updating.

    Up until now I was fairly happy with AVG and was excited at the prospect of 8.0 and the new features it will bring. Now AVG really seem to have tried their hardest to scare business away from using their products.
  4. vinzenz.ewido

    vinzenz.ewido former ewido team

    Dec 9, 2005
    Brno, Czech Republic
    First of all for the delay. To be able answering your questions with correctness I had just to go around some departments and ask them about the stated bugs and what they know about it.

    I can't go too much into the details but I tried to answer them at best of my knowledge.

    Yes this is a known bug and unfortunately not only affects the update manager, there were some more issues on FAT32 Filesystems. This problem will be fixed with the upcoming AVG 8 SP1 Released which is scheduled for mid of June.

    Yes there are/were some issues with our networking code for things like the firewall and the email scanner. We improved and fixed those issues internally and it will be released along with the above mentioned AVG 8 SP1 release

    Well as said by robinb9 it is all about the flag to remember it permanently.

    The slow browsing is probably more related to the Webshield than to the linkscanner but might affect your browsing experience too.
    The Webscanner was heavily improved for the AVG 8 SP1 Release and is about 10 times faster than it was before. Hopefully it is resolving a lot of slow down issues for the users.
    The crashes related to the Linkscanner should be fixed with the upcoming AVG 8 SP1 release too.

    And once again the AVG 8 SP1 release has been heavily improved for speed and resource usage, it should remove a lot of slowdowns and freezes. I can second that it freezes your computer at times on Vista, but I am quite happy with our latest internal builds on my home machine (which runs Vista Ultimate 32Bit)

    I hope you won't mind if I just ignore the rest of your post, I think I am not in the position to react on that. Sorry.

    Kindest Regards,
  5. Firecat

    Firecat Registered Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    The land of no identity :D
    Well, I guess I'm lucky because on Vista I have only two problems with AVG 8.0:

    1) LinkScanner slowing down and crashing Firefox and IE (or is it the webshield? I doubt the webshield because speed of website loading is fine in browsers other than Firefox and IE where the LinkScanner search shield is not supported)
    2) Momentary freezes while accessing some files/folders in Vista, but no lockups whatsoever (tested over 12-hour uptime periods)

    There were some other, more severe momentary freeze issues, which were strangely fixed by disabling Windows Defender in Vista. So far AVG 8 has been a mostly painless upgrade today, and hopefully SP1 will fix whatever kinks remain in the product....
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