AVG 7.0 not recognised in ZA?

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by smiler, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. smiler

    smiler Registered Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    Hi, AVG 7.0 is not recognised in ZA as an icon in the top right under PROGRAMS,i use to have AVPE and the main program and guard were shown as (2) separate red icons,any reason why ZA does not show AVG?.


  2. rekcah

    rekcah Guest

    Zonealarm is a poor firewall period! and there custom service(there is none!)! That's why it does not notice Avg,any other firewall would,don't buy into the zonealarm hype,the ony reason it it top rated is because it is for people who know nothing about computers and there is really no user intervention reqiured,it's a low IQ firewall,for people who no nothing about internet security,and are not willing to learn,I used zonealrm myself and got rid of that junk and fast! Check out Look"n"Stop the best firewall and the best support of any firewall I have every bought,if you countiune to use za you will be left in the dark,there no support!,heavy on your O/S,makes most computers slugglish,and (hackable) trust me on that one,good luck

  3. It is very high rated because there is nothing to learn and all! The reviews on the NET about Zonealarm,are based on new users,who have no clue about firewalls!,and in doing so many people buy it!And it gets a really good rating,just because it is user friendly,does not make it a good firewall,it's bloatware period!Check the Web there are more people having problems than anything else,yes some people it works fine on there computer,but the ones that I have to fix there computers,are people using zonealarm pro,I unistall it off there system and put something much better,I was a long time user of zonealrm pro,just found it was problem after problem,never ending story,and it is bloatware!over priced and the yearly updates it really adds up,after 5 years!,but hell to each his own,I just don't want people to suffer for nothing there are so many better firewalls out there!And as for ZA SUPPORT,THERE IS NONE!
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