avast! v8.0.1477 BETA TWO Released

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  1. hayc59

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    Oct 29, 2008
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    avast! Beta Program

    avast! v8.0.1477 BETA TWO Released

    What's New:
    It's finally here! avast! 8 public beta is now ready! The build number is 8.0.1476. A few things to point out:
    You'll immediately notice the new GUI. We are excited to hear your feedback
    The Software Updater is a new tool for helping you keep apps up to date. Give it a try :)
    There is a new product tier called Premier, it includes 3 new features:

    • Data Shredder for wiping files, drives, and partitions
    • Software Updater in autoupdate mode
    • AccessAnywhere for remotely connecting to your PC no matter where you are

    There is also a Browser Cleanup tool; it's a standalone utility for getting rid of invasive toolbars. This utility is also
    integrated in all avast! editions just to make things simpler.

    Other improvements have been made to our FileRep and WebRep to help keep identify new threats in near real-time.
    And finally, our Streaming Updates make sure you have the lastes virus definitions.

    Fixed Issues from Previous BETA
    avast! v8 now runs on Win8 too
    • XP performance problem solved
    • Automatic Profile detection in the firewall on Win7 solved
    • No information popup on controlled PC when client is connected via avast! AccessAnywhere
    • List of computers shows offline PCs and also those that don’t have AccessAnywhere activated
    • Stability issues with Outlook plugin solved
    • UI might hang sometimes during connecting to avast! account
    • Problems in data shredder solved

    Known Issues in this Version
    • Problems with upgrading v7 to v8 on Win8 related to the network (we recommend to do a clean install of v8!)
    • Translation to other languages is still not 100%
    • Some online content does not fit or is not translated yet
    • Self defence dialog appears when reinstalling over older builds
    • After facebook registration setup might crash so reboot is required to start avast! service
    • During softrial gui is not correctly updated
    • Trial period could not be activated (update from v7 to v:cool:
    • Missing pre-defined scan jobs (update from v7 to v:cool:
    • AccessAnywhere computer list isn't sometimes refreshed

    It should be possible to install this version on top of your existing avast! installation
    (all settings should be preserved).

    Download: avast! BETA
  2. clocks

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    Aug 25, 2007
    Thanks, but what was wrong with the existing thread?
  3. Rompin Raider

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    May 6, 2010
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    Thanks Hayc59!!:thumb:
  4. avman1995

    avman1995 Registered Member

    Sep 24, 2012

    i guess avast did rather well...only 4 things came through I guess they will keep improving.It blocked Zaccess rootkit with evo-gen bravo!!

    More ever, test machine of the tester was slow which may have affected the performance...its a BETA

    However,some malware in the pack he tested was old [1 or 2 months old]..lets wait for another day and I am sure We will get to see great results in upcoming YT reviews.
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  5. quanzi_1507

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    Feb 18, 2009
    Finally! Can't wait to see how avast! 8 will perform on my Win8 machine.
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