avast! v7.0.1464 BETA Released

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    avast! v7.0.1464 BETA Released

    Hi all,
    at first, I would like to thank you for giving us feedback for version 7.0.1456 & 7.0.1461(beta). We are sorry if we caused any
    problems to you. We spent weeks of analyzing & fixing the most important issues. This beta of Free/Pro/AIS (version 7.0.1464) contains following fixes

    What's New:
    • Black screen syndrom (1) - unable to log-in
    • Keyboard disabled (1)
    • IE webrep crashes
    • Random switching to safezone
    • Welcome screen opening after each reboot
    • Outlook plugins does not work & crashes of Outlook (2)
    • Cannot add new packet rules
    • Double VPS update sounds
    • Update screen closes without clicking on finish button
    • SNX fixes
    Fixes from previous beta (7.0.1461)
    • Several BSODs
    • Some Outlook crashes
    • Found & fixed some leaks

    (1) If you still have these issues, please follow https://support.avast.com/index.php...knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=1356
    and give us as much information as possible. Thanks a lot!
    (2) We have still problems with unregistering old plugin on some configurations. If it's possible, please
    unregister old one (e.g. through aswClear.exe) and then install avast! plugin again. We will fix this issue
    for next beta refresh. Sorry for that.
    If you experience any other problems, please let us know. Our wish is to give you a stable and user-friendly program update.
    thanks a lot!

    Download Forum: avast! BETA 7.0.1464
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    I'm on 1464 now and all is well. Very well.:)
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