Autorun Angel — autorun manager and security analyzer

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    Autorun Angel — autorun manager and security analyzer.
    You can quick check your autorun and memory areas for spyware and viruses.


    This product powered on completely new NictaTech Angel Cloud Engine.

    NictaTech Angel Cloud engine (ACE) — on-line database and detection service, identifies good items, and can identifying malware. ACE crawlling system automatically collects URLs and other sources.
    Today database have information more 3,312,780 malwares, and “white” files.

    You can see the latest objects detected by Angel Cloud Engine in real-time.

    Autorun Angel is a tool for controlling Windows startup sections in order to provide security for your computer. Angel allows you to control software, drivers and various components launched automatically. Autorun Angel connects to Angel Cloud Engine in real time.
    Traditional antivirus works via a blacklist approach, identifying known bad files and responding accordingly. Angel — the reverse of that approach, whitelisting, identifies all known good items, and can identifying malware.
    NictaTech Angel Cloud Engine does not collect, process or store user’s personal data.


    System Requirement
    Autorun Angel works under Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003. Under Windows 95 and NT4 it works only if Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater is installed.

    The Product is Freeware

    This is from the same company (NictaTech Software) as Digital Patrol

    I am using this for a month now and quite happy.​
Thread Status:
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