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  1. DVD+R

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    I have this sound card, and what I have found is that by default the sound level whilst using my 2.1 speakers default channel is 2, being extremely low. This card has channel options up to 8. so does it make a difference if I choose to use a higher channel? or will it damage the speakers at all?
  2. Bill_Bright

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    Jun 29, 2007
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    No, it will not damage anything but you are confused by the term "channels".

    When it comes to speaker systems and the electronics that run them (in this case, your sound card), "channels" refers to the number of audio feeds the card supports.

    1 Channel = Monaural (mono)
    2 Channels = Stereo (Left + Right)
    3 Channels (2.1) = Stereo + Subwoofer
    4 Channels = Surround (Left Front, Right Front + Left Rear, Right Rear)
    5 Channels (4.1) = Surround + Subwoofer
    6 Channels (5.1) = Surround + Front Center + Subwoofer
    7 Channels = Surround + Sides (Mid Left + Mid Right) + Subwoofer
    8 Channels (7.1) = Surround + Sides + Front Center + Subwoofer​

    So, as seen in the list above, the channel number has nothing to do with sound levels - only the number of speakers (audio channels) supported.

    If you volume levels are too low, then it is probably a setting somewhere - and most likely, there are more than one adjustments for various inputs and outputs.

    You did not state what version of Windows you are using - but check Control Panel for Sound and Volume settings. Check your sound card app (may be in System Tray) too.
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