AriOS: A Fantastic Distro Based On Gnome Shell?!

Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by apathy, Oct 14, 2012.

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    The only distro I could ever stomach on gnome shell was Linux Mint, with their Cinnamon hack up. I had forgot that it even used Gnome Shell. I've been living in XFCE land for a long time now with another favorite distro Voyager. I stumbled over this distro and I am very impressed. It is has a very professional presentation and very stable. I had an issue with installing it as I would get a weird gray screen but they have a fix for that on the site. I can tell when I've hit the sweet spot as far as distro's go and I'll be here for the duration.

    It has a default(gnome shell) desktop, light awn session desktop and a unity desktop.

    Here's a link to an interesting review on the distro.

    Check out video tour of AriOS

    It warms my heart to see people working on great Linux project around the world.
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