Are you afraid to post in public polls?

Discussion in 'polls' started by Pollmaster, Nov 13, 2004.


Are you afraid to vote in a wilders public poll?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Depending on the type of poll

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  4. What is a public poll?

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  1. Pollmaster

    Pollmaster Guest

    Hmm nobody seems to be voting in polls I posted, even though there are some responses. Why? Are you guys too paranoid to vote because the polls are public and hence your choices will be indentified?

    After all, some people are now scared to post their security software setup because it makes them a bigger target. Surely answering posts would be as dangerous since it gives the attacker an insight into the behaviour of the target?

    or do my polls suck?

    This calls for another poll... or two...

    Note this poll is NOT public, so the people who want to vote annoymously without comment can do so.
  2. Marja

    Marja Honestly, I'm not a bot!!

    Mar 8, 2004
    In the Vast Fields of My Mind
    WHO are you? That might help!!

    WHY do you need to know all this, that might help!!
  3. Pollmaster

    Pollmaster Guest

    I suppose I'm much like you guys/gals, a person who is interested in computer security, though by no means am I a pro or a blackhat.

    I'm very curious by nature, and having read so much about best security practices, I'm curious, how many people really follow them. Espically among a crowd that is more security conscious than the norm.

    I'm particularly disappointed no one answered this poll.

    What else do you want to know? Like most people here I'm fairly paranoid, so I won't reveal personal info of course.
  4. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    One thing you need to know about polls here is that it may take significant time to get responses. A few hours is nothing for a poll thread. Three or four days should yield some replies and votes, and a couple weeks for some depth. You may want to look at some of the longer polls here (on the first two pages). Look at when they were first posted and the timing of replies.

    Some people only hit the poll forum occasionally. Some new people come in, find the poll forum and reply to 6 or 8 all at once. And of course, the subject has to be interesting in order to get replies, too. ;)

    As for public polls displaying people names... I'd say that some people probably won't answer if they know their member name will display there. Secret ballots allow people to choose more honestly based on what they really think versus what others might think about them based on their answers. I'm sure that is true for some people regardless of how serious the question, however others probably don't care at all.
  5. Pollmaster

    Pollmaster Guest

    Yes, i realise that now. To get even 100 responses is a big achievement.

    The problem is I see most of the standard polls have being done already. Eg Favourite Popup blocker, browser, firewall, adblocking, spam. I don't think it's a good idea to duplicate them again

    Polling on security practices doesn't seem to have being done much, so that seems a good place to start. The problem is, unlike for polling on software, I suspect, asking questiosn about behaviour is more sensitive ,since few would feel comfortable to owning up with less than ideal behaviour.


    Yes, I think you neatly divided the people here into distinct groups. That is reflected in my poll options already.
  6. Jimbob1989

    Jimbob1989 Registered Member

    Oct 18, 2004
    He used terms I would associate with a hacker. The term "Black Hat", he even sounds like a hacker and a black hat one at that.

  7. Pollmaster

    Pollmaster Guest

    I'm curious, what terms have I used that you assoicate with a hacker? Because I know what a hosts file is? Because I say "black hat"? Come on.

    Of course, I'm no newbie but that does not make me a hacker either. Just a fairly competent computer user, no different than most members here.

    You seem to be fairly new if you don't enough know what a hosts file is, if you stick around here in a very short time , you will be using the terms I use and more technically terms besides.
  8. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    JimBob....there is really no call for that and even if the member is....perhaps We could learn a few things or three. Please keep those type accusations to yourself.
  9. Pollmaster

    Pollmaster Guest

    Thank you.

    Back to the topic.

    I've being pondering over what makes a good poll.

    A) Subject interest - Obviously the subject must be interesting or one such that anyone can answer. Questions such as "What is your favourite firewall or browser " is obviously popular.

    Something that is too technically for newbies is unlikely to be answered [that is leaving aside the problem of being accused of being a blackhat :) ]

    B) Sensitivity - Clearly my polls on password is going to be a failure because they are too sensitive to answer.

    C) Options given - The choice and number of poll options must be well chosen. I haven't tried to find out the maximum number of options required but they seem more than sufficient. It's also nice that people can select multiple options, so you dont need to waste options on "all of the above" or "various options".

    The problem is I'm getting the urge to include too many options which dilutes the poll too much. It's pointless if every option has only 1 voter.

    On the other hand, if none of the options are applicable, again the poll becomes pointless.

    I suppose a well chosen poll would have maybe 5 options?

    D) Phrasing of question - Is it better to have a yes/no kind of question only?


    i) Do you digitally sign your emails? OPTIONS : YES/NO


    ii) Do you digitally sign your emails? OPTIONS: ALWAYS/SOMETIMES/NEVER

    or are questions of this third form more interesting?

    iii) What do you use to digitally sign your emails? PGP/HUSHMAIL/GNUPGP

    The third form of question tends to get dated fast, because products fall out of favour quickly and you need to do research to figure out which options are popular. I've seen many polls fail completely because they list options that are not used commonly at all . E.g listing only bigname commerical firewalls like Norton, when people are using less well known brands like Outpost,Sygate.
  10. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    Nov 28, 2003
    Sky over the Wilders Forest
    LowWaterMark pretty much spoke my feelings and also described my behavior somewhat too. Although I like to see how creatures here vote. It leads to a better understanding of them. If you read their posts and take it in, you start to know there likes and dislikes etc. A personality now goes with the name and the avitar. It is all part of being here in the Wilders Forest (Community).

    Now to answer the poll: NO. :D ;)
  11. bigc73542

    bigc73542 Retired Moderator

    Sep 21, 2003
    SW. Oklahoma
    I can talk your ears off so posting in a public poll is just another opportunity to talk.

  12. MikeBCda

    MikeBCda Registered Member

    Jan 5, 2004
    southern Ont. Canada
    I've personally no hesitation about participating in polls if (1) it relates to a field where I can at least make a pretense of answering knowledgeably, and (2, and more importantly) the selections are reasonable. I've seen quite a few polls here where I declined to "vote" because none of the choices offered seemed to cover my situation, or at least it wasn't obvious which one(s) did. So you'll often see polls in which I'll post a commentary reply but don't vote.
  13. Pollmaster

    Pollmaster Guest

    Hmm i seem to have problems with public polls. Despite setting almost all of my polls to public, only one or two seem to be working as public polls. Do you guys see the same?
  14. bigbuck

    bigbuck Registered Member

    Jul 7, 2004
    Qld, Aus
    Yes NO Maybe
  15. chrisretusn

    chrisretusn Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2004
    I voted No, what is there to be afraid of?
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