Are VPN proxies secure?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by gent2, May 30, 2014.

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  1. gent2

    gent2 Registered Member

    May 30, 2014
    Basically using Deluge with a VPN proxy.

    I have disabled IPV6 with this command: netsh interface teredo set state disabled

    Here's what TCPview looks like when I run Deluge:

    I see under some UDP port it sent and received 2,011 and 190,754 bytes. It does that on start-up I assume for DHT, which is proxied according to the program??

    Anyhow, is it safe to assume there's not way my real IP could leak using my current configuration? Any way that it could?
  2. Morthawt

    Morthawt Registered Member

    Jul 10, 2008
    All a VPN will do is protect someone from your ISP or someone on your current network from spying on your activities, with the addition that a website or service will also only see the VPN IP address. It would be very unlikely to give you any governmental protection because you directly connect to the VPN so they would likely be able to backtrace it to you. You can always go to and type Whats my ip and it will tell you your IP address. Then disable the VPN, reload the browser and do it again and see if the IP is different. Hope that helps.
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