Application fails to load after MRU blasting!

Discussion in 'MRU Blaster Forum' started by DanMusicant, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. DanMusicant

    DanMusicant Guest

    Hi there,

    ***apologies! - accidentally posted with wrong title....somehow I thought the field "title" wanted something like Mr or Miss etc. ! hence the title "Mr" for my other attempt at posting this******

    Running Win XP service pack 2, I'm finding that after running MRU blaster on its default setting, the game/application World of Warcraft fails to load.

    I get an error message saying the "application failed to initialise" every time.

    I use a laptop, and that game is installed on an external firewire (Lacie) drive.
    The only way I have found to get it working again is to do a system restore to before the MRU Blasting session.

    ANy ideas why this might happen or if there's something I should uncheck in the MRU B's options?

    Many thanks
  2. danmusicant

    danmusicant Guest

  3. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    Hey Dan,

    I have no clue what MRUblaster cleans out concerning Warcraft....but if you'd like to assist....I'll be glad to take a further look.

    If you do not mind....and with Warcraft installed....would you run MRU again Please. When it finishes the not select Clean Now. Results. Then....take a look and see what if anything might stick out concerning Warcraft. Please write each and everthing word for word of what it finds concerning Warcraft Please. I'll then try to duplicate.
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