AOL AVS: IE 5.5 Requirement

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by DaveD, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. DaveD

    DaveD Guest

    I was just comparing the usual free AV's on and noticed in the requirements that IE 5.5 (or higher obviously) is needed.

    -Does anybody know why AOL AVS has a requirement of Internet Explorer 5.5?

    -I would assume this affects Kaspersky as well?

    -What exactly does it use IE for?

  2. DaveD

    DaveD Guest

    Just did some searching and answered my own question...


    "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above (to update the antivirus database and application modules via Internet)"

    I am wondering why it would rely on IE for updating it's database and modules instead of using it's own updating mechanism. I believe McAfee uses IE too for this purpose if I can remember correctly...
  3. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    Apr 29, 2002
    Hilo, Hawaii
    It's using the browser to connect to the http or ftp site to obtain the new definitions. From the KAV 2006 Help file:

    "If you set the application to retrieve updates from either Kaspersky Lab update servers or from other ftp- or http-sites, we recommend that you first check your connection settings.
    By default, to establish an Internet connection, the application uses the settings of the browser (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer). To change the connection settings, you should know whether a proxy is used and whether you are working behind a firewall. If you do not know this information, contact your system administrator or Internet provider."

    I connect to the internet through a local proxy (Proxomitron) and I had to manually insert that information in KAV.
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