Anyone know anything about NetOp Desktop Firewall?

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Alec, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. Alec

    Alec Registered Member

    Jun 8, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Does anyone here have any experience with NetOp Desktop Firewall? Apparently it was developed by a firm called Danware A/S, but is being distributed in the U.S. by CrossTec Corp? I just read about it in eWeek and was curious to hear any hands on impressions.
  2. Hexamon

    Hexamon Registered Member

    Sep 24, 2002
    Yes that's called BitGuard Personal Firewall and selling site in Denmark is this website and developer is this Danware site . I hope that this helps. And here was post about it before, use search to find it.
  3. solarpowered candle

    solarpowered candle Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2003
    new zealand
    Its a very nice secure firewall
  4. trader

    trader Guest

    Netop and bitguard are not the same
  5. luky13

    luky13 Guest

    The Netop desktop firewall 3.0 is a distributed personal firewall that does dynamic packet filtering and also controls processes from starting. Bitgaurd is the old end user version (2.x) and not really sold in the US but its pretty much the same product without the central server and minus some feature enhancements.

    Not only does it block apps from communicating but also from executing. If you want to run it in its most locked down configuration then no new processes can be started on the box. This usually takes some setup time to make sure youve configured most of the processes you need to allow otherwise it can turn into a little bit of a pain to allow all new processes as they execute but is extremely more secure than firewalls without process control.

    This is my first post but I couldve sworn there was a detailed post on bitgaurd on this forum, actually I found it:
  6. kareldjag

    kareldjag Registered Member

    Nov 13, 2004

    I hope that Alec has appreciated the video which i linked on the Ten-forward area. ;) :D

    NetOp firewall (by Danware) is intented to enterprises and administrations.
    It' an integrated solution with clent/server which could be used for fixed and mobile computers.

    WARNING: never try to install this kind of firewall (for corporates) on a single PC.They can modify many parameters and you could loose your internet connection.

  7. budfox

    budfox Guest

    why not install NetOP on a single machineo_O I have purchased a few licenses for Netop after testing the firewall. It stealths all ports but 113, which you can port forward from your router leaving you invisible. It also passed every leak test I threw at a footnote, process guard was also used during the leak tests.

    In my opinion, this is the best consumer firewall out there. If there is better, let me know and I will buy it instead.
  8. budfox

    budfox Guest

    One last thing I forgot...many times your system can be violated by a trojan, virus, ect that enters your system and then using IE, ect to broadcast whatever they want back. NetOp is one of the only firewalls out there that will promt you asking you if you want a certain program to controll another. I was using Outpost firewall until it failed to prevent the leaktest program from using IE to call out.

    Goto and try some of the leak tests on your own. Once you do I am sure you will be ditching your current firewall for Netop.
  9. Harold77

    Harold77 Registered Member

    Jan 15, 2003
    I got bored so I installed it on one of my computers and it seems pretty easy to set up and use.

    It passed all the security tests at Sygate and PC Flank with flying colors and I haven't noticed that it slows down my internet connection or use lots of memory.

    The process controls appear to work as advertised, I tried opening links in PocoMail and it pops up a permission box letting you know that PocoMail is trying to open Firefox and asking for permission to do so.

    I'm using it on a stand alone computer, so the server control panel portion will have to evaluated by others.

    It has a 60 day free trial period, so I'll play with it for a while... I'll have to do further research to see if the purchase price is a one-time deal or if there are yearly renewals involved. :)
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