Any Qwik-fix users?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by J.Braddock, Aug 28, 2004.

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  1. J.Braddock

    J.Braddock Guest

    Anyone use Qwik-fix around these parts? Was wondering if there are any known conflicts/problems with using it. Thanks in advance.
  2. setthesun

    setthesun Registered Member

    Aug 27, 2004
    I used it for one day, It seems work great without any conflict. (Windows 2003)
  3. J.Braddock

    J.Braddock Guest

    A couple things i noticed after i installed Qwik-fix were it seemed to change the way things were downloaded after install, and things just didn't seem to work right (as far as downloading some things goes).

    Like i could no longer download my web based email the same way, with Firefox, as i did before the install.

    Also sometimes i like to download whole web pages, again with Firefox, and read them offline and i had problems doing this as well.

    Just incase anyone is wondering i did try to disable all the protection in Qwik-fix, and then retry the above, and it didn't make any difference i still had the same problems.

    So i deleted Qwik-fix with Goback, and all problems are gone, everything is back to normal. I guess they may still have some bugs to work out, after all it is still in beta. One things for sure, i won't be reinstalling Qwik-fix again!

    Hopefully i can save someone some trouble with this post, but i'm not necessarily saying Qwik-fix will cause the same problems for you, but just be careful when trying out new "Beta" software. Probably a good idea is to set a system restore point or use a program like Goback before install, so you can revert any changes, it will save you lots of trouble. :)
  4. Guardsman

    Guardsman Registered Member

    Jun 2, 2004
    During the use of QF, I'd to disable 2 fixes in order to run some programs smoothly.

    They'r: [1] "Secure IE My Computer Zone" - this fix disable me from
    copy/move document/file/folder/image from point-to-point.

    [2] "Disable IE Automatic Document Viewing"

    I'd feedback to them about the issue but after they requested more info
    from me and that's it - no further reply from them nearly 2 months!

    I'd uninstalled QF because of thier poor support.(although I knew it was a
    "Freeware" for testing and should not demand so much from them)

    I shall recommend highly on "Prevx Home" as when I face any technical
    issue,they'r always respond gives help and advise.
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