AntiSecNL rounded up by Dutch police

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    Apr 14, 2008
    The Netherlands 'local branch' of AntiSec, named AntiSecNL, has been rounded up by Dutch police last week.
    Since last friday, all 4 hackers have been released while the investigation continues, after having 'cooperated well' according to dutch national police 'Team High Tech Crime'. (link)
    The four hackers have been accused of hacking a dating site, a VOIP provider and a local church website.
    After their own AntiSecNL server was hacked, nicks and names of the four members were found and resulted in their arrest.
    AntiSecNL was also suspected of having hacked dutch police union website and releasing info gathered during the hack.

    In a surprising twist of events, one of the hackers, a 17 year old with the nick 'Time', told in an interview with dutch website, he had actually started local AntiSecNL in order to bring down AntiSec, 'that bunch of script kiddies' according to Time.
    According to him, his goal was to get as deep as possible into AntiSec and then release all gathered info to dutch police.

    According to the interview, some time last week, a plain clothes detective in a mail man uniform rang the doorbell early in the evening.
    Time was asked to sign for a letter, he opened the door and moments later his house was full of police and several minutes later he was on his way to a police jail.
    A laptop and a Blackberry were inpounded, it's unknown if he had shutdown his laptop prior to answering the doorbell.
    According to Time, some parts of his HDD were encrypted and he stated he hadn't released his passwords.
    Dutch prosecutors however have stated that all 4 hackers have cooperated well during the investigation but declined a response to the interview.
    All statements by Time could not be corroborated by other sources. ( link)
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