Anti-Keylogger 6.0.1 by Raytown LLC

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by What..MeWorry, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. What..MeWorry

    What..MeWorry Registered Member

    May 25, 2005
    Has anyone had any experience with the program Anti-Keylogger by Raytown LLC? I have installed it and it seems to work alright, although I have not tested it I have had no difficulties either. On one reboot my firewall said the Anti-Keylogger was attempting to connect to the internet and would I give it permission. Well that kind of threw up a red flag with me for nowhere in the options is there an auto update option altho there is an update button on top left side of the program interface which when pushed just opens your browser and takes you to the download site to download the trial version of the software. Well my whole reason for posting is I have not really heard many people speak of this software or of this company and I am kind of leery about purchasing thier software sight unseen, I kind of went out on a limb in the first place installing the trial version.

    Is Raytown LLC a reputable software firm?

    Is Anti-Keylogger a legit anti keylogging program?

    Why does Anti-Keylogger attempt to access the internet when there are no options for an auto update?

    Has anyone talked to or gotten a reply from their customer service, ( I tried calling and e-mailing and let me tell you, it's like they don't exist).

    The whole reason for this is I really am looking for a good anti keylogging program that is not based on signatures and there just isn't that much info on this matter as there is on anti trojan, anti virus and firewalls.

    I am already thinking about doing a fresh install being that my attempts to call this company only gives me some cryptic phone sounds and they have never returned my e-mails. At any rate I would appreciate your responses.

    Thanks in advance
  2. richrf

    richrf Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2003
    Hi What,

    I tried out lots of the anti-keyloggers. They seem to work in pretty much the same way by either detecting or preventing global hooks. I may be corrected on this, but it appears to me that it is true. A couple of things that seemed to differentiate Raytown's is that:

    1) It seemed to guarantee to get going very early during start-up. I am not sure how they are able to do this, but it was always seemed to be the first one running.

    2) It has a database of "trusted" apps that should be allowed hooks. This database may be what is being updated when Anti-Keylogger is connecting.

    The support is fair. They do get back to you after several days ... if they feel like it. I think this is a side-business of the company and they kind of support the product.

    A similar product, which does not have a database, is Snoopfree. It is free, and the author was on this forum a week or so ago. Can't vouch for the product one way or another, other than it appeared to work as documented. Security Task Manager also detects global hooks and has a companion product called Spy Protector in its paid version. Only, the Spy Protector settings to protect against global hooks has to be re-set after each set-up. I have been told that the next release (whenever that may happen) will correc this.

    Personally, I finally settled on ProcessGuard, which not only protects against keyloggers obtaining global hooks, but goes way beyond that by protecting against a host of other security vulnerabilities.

    Many of the standard AV/AT packages (especially the top-rated ones) offer anti-keylogger detection, but they are not focused on preventing global hooks like the products that are specific to the anti-keylogger class.

    Hope this helps,

  3. controler

    controler Guest


    as you know PG will prevent alot of crap but to the AVERAGE user it gets complicated.
    AK is a dedicated keylogger program and it does work & it works a a very low level. Was one of the first to sart before login.

    Some here say companies that play boths sides of the fence are not acceptable on thier list of good protection.

    Well that holds true for companies like Deepfreeze as well.

    It all boils down to trust in the end.

    I for ONE & am pretty sure I am the only one here have a lifetime LIC for AK
    for finding bugs.
    This Forum is getting alot of members now with their own opinions about everything.

    Soon will be 100,000 whewww

    Where did everybody come from? well I think Kevin (Boclean) states it clearly.

  4. richrf

    richrf Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2003
    Hi controler,

    I think that point-specfic solutions (each product trying to guard against a specific problem) are ultimately much more complicated to manage for the average user. There is ultimately no end to the number of such products that a user may want to buy as they become more and more aware of vulnerabilities. I have outlined my own personal strategy here:

    As you can see from this thread, and many other threads on this forum, the number of point-specific security packages available to solve point-problems is so numerous, that it is certainly overwhelming for any kind of user. The reason I came up with this strategy was because the number of packages I was using and learning was getting out of control.

    My strategy is to block things at the source. It is up to each user to decide whether or not it is appropriate for them. Some forum members I have talked to are very pleased with this approach. Others find other approaches better. Everyone has their own circumstances.

  5. Jason Tan

    Jason Tan Guest

    Thank you Richrf for your words of wisdom, and for coming up with this approach.
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