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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by LockBox, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Many consider CCleaner and the like "anti-forensic" tools. While I agree that they clean tracks with secure deletion, I think there is a new tool that actually crosses between "cleaning tracks" to being very close to a full-blown forensics tool in 'analyze' mode and 'anti-forensics' in wiping mode.

    I've certainly never seen a freeware tool that is as easy-to-use and comprehensive as this new tool - PrivaZer.

    This software even finds things in the USN Journal and shows you the contents - on-the-fly....same with index.dat and there's a lot more that takes it several steps past the usual "track cleaners.". Check it out and tell me - is this the closest thing to a combined forensics/anti-forensics tool that has been released as freeware? I've used the term once, but "comprehensive" is the word that keeps coming back to me.

    It's portable and can be run off a thumb drive. There's already conspiracy theories because the company behind it is called "Goversoft LLC"....but if it were truly "GOVERnment SOFTware" I don't think they would make it so obvious. If you're concerned, turn off wifi when you use it and keep it off until reboot and the portable app is off your drive. All reports from users show the file as clean as per viruses/trojans. Seems very legit - complete with a .pdf users guide.
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    @ LockBox

    Hi, glad you discovered it, & thought to post it for us :thumb:

    However, it's already been posted here ;) I also think it's better off in here, but at least it got posted :)

    Be interesting to see how it cleans up after using other cleaners first ! Hopefully you'll do some testing too, & post with your findings, which will "probably" have to be in the other thread, as this one will "likely" get closed, due to this being a dupe :( Of sorts :D
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    why online installation forced?
    that part makes me uneasy.
    Should it?...or did i miss something?
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