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Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by Mikel, Sep 12, 2004.

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    Anyone using it ? It was shareware and seems to be a litlle bit old but now is freeware.

    Author description :

    Anti-BO is a listening device, which sits in your system tray awaiting hack attempts from Trojan programs like 'Back Orifice' and 'Netbus'. The program works by making your system look vulnerable to those who scan the internet for Trojan infected machines, emulating a successfull break-in, then logging the commands issued along with the users IP address for reporting purposes.


    Anti-BO's list of ports that it can listen on is customizable, removing the need for product updates due to new trojans. To get started, below is a list of common trojan ports.

    * Port: 31337 Type: UDP Comment: Back Orifice
    * Port: 31666 Type: UDP Comment: Whack-a-mole BO
    * Port: 12345 Type: TCP Comment: Netbus
    * Port: 12456 Type: TCP Comment: Netbus alternate
    * Port: 12631 Type: TCP Comment: Netbus alternate
    * Port: 20034 Type: TCP Comment: Netbus PRO
    * Port: 1243 Type: TCP Comment: Sub Seven
    * Port: 6670 Type: TCP Comment: Deep Throat
    * Port: 40421 Type: TCP Comment: Masters Paradise
    * Port: 21554 Type: TCP Comment: Girlfriend
    * Port: 5742 Type: TCP Comment: WinCrash

    This product has now become freeware! - you can use this software fully functional for free, using the following name and unlock code.

    Name: FREEWARE
    Code: 026136001418362

    Website & download :
Thread Status:
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