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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Cosmo32, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    Thanks BFG, the folders are no longer a problem.
    But, now I have a question about how the mirror (or ?) keeps track of all the various daily updates.

    I now have 3 clients at the latest (to me) vdef of #2173.
    I also have 2 clients that are powered off. They last updated to vdef #2171. So, these 2 clients are now 2 behind.

    Is my Mirror keeping some sort of cummulative retrieval of vdef sets so that if/when I do bring the 2 powered off clients back on again I can be sure that they will get all the intervening packages they missed while off?

    I've already tested to be sure that if I do go turn the 2 off clients on now, they will update to vdef #2173. I am wondering about whether they will also get #2172...... :doubt:

    I suspect so, but I'm asking to be certain of this...... :doubt:

    Don't mean to be pedestrian. I really do like this package very much and will use it happily for the next 23 months. Simply superb code! :thumb:
  2. BFG

    BFG Registered Member

    Oct 27, 2004
    San Diego
    Hello Cosmo32,

    Anytime a NOD32 user receives an update , that update will include all virus definitions not already on the machine.

    The same is true of a client updating from a mirror. If one client has been offline for a month and another client updated an hour ago, the next time they both update they will have the same definitions on their machines.

    The size of the download for the one that hasn't been online will just be larger.

  3. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose I wanted to suspect that this would happen, but I could not SEE it happen by peeking into the "mirror" and see the date/time stamps of the files contained for the days the 2 clients were OFF. Must be magic :D

    But, as all seems to be working as designed, I'll not quibble about the magic ATM. It all works, and works so well I am surprised that others have trouble with nod32!

    Once I figure out how to speed up my clients update to the "mirror" speed, I'll be set for the remainder of this 1st license period. This one is not a biggie at all. Do love this sw suite alot!:thumb:
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