Another FP with Pest Patrol?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Jack Black, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. Jack Black

    Jack Black Guest


    Anyone else with updated Pest Patrol find this possible False Postive?

    Pest= Unknown Trojan, Pest Info= Key logger, Found in= C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\kernel.avc

    I found it after getting recent PP updates and then doing a full system scan. I also did scans with Spybot, Ad-aware, SpySweeper, Spycop, A2, NAV and Kaspersky online file scan and no problems were found.
  2. dread

    dread Registered Member

    May 18, 2004
    Its in a temp folder, Empty your temp files. I dont worry to much about stuff in temp folders cuase they are temp files and will be deleted and uneeded. But I do look sometimes but i keep my temp folders clean. So I wouldnt worry. I did a search for that file didnt find much some av hits but like I siad I wouldnt worry.
  3. bch

    bch Guest

    Exactly the same here. The PP Log File shows ...... temp\glb1a2b.exe","Unknown Trojan." When I looked at the properties of this file I found that it was deposited on my comp at exactly the same time as the new definitions were downloaded. As stated above, a reboot got rid of it. The file was 150kb in size.

    Lately, PP has given off quite a few false positives in respect of spyware/adware but this is the first time, to my knowledge, that it has identified what was supposed to be a Trojan, in a file which it created itself.

    I no longer have PP Memory Check running as the programme is just proving too unreliable, along with quite a few others in the anti spyware category that I could mention.
  4. Jack Black

    Jack Black Guest

    Thanks for your help Dread and Bch.
  5. Jack Black

    Jack Black Guest

    Looks like the FP was removed with todays Pest Patrol update. So i'll give them credit for moving fast to remove that FP.
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