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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by hugsy, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. hugsy

    hugsy Registered Member

    May 22, 2010
    Hi there. I have been using for surfing some time now and i am thinking of buying their premium account. Is here anyone that has any experience with this service, good or bad, would you recommend it, is there a better one out there. Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Securityman121

    Securityman121 Registered Member

    Jun 6, 2010
    I haven't tried that one yet but do you know if it works when you encounter a captcha? I'm having some trouble with that in my experiences with anonymizers.


    Ok a little update from a few minutes ago, I just tried anonymouse on a captcha website and encountered the same problem. The captcha code comes up blank and you can't see it to be able to type it.

    IDK why this is such an issue with anonymizers and proxies anonymous browsing is fine until you have to enter a captcha to access something then you're screwed. Do you stop using anonymouse or whatever else, and go back to exposing your IP address to anybody who might see it just to get past the captcha? That's a dangerous propostion in a lot of cases. It is sad that anonymouse turned out to have the same problem when I tested it for this issue but it seems to be an across the board thing for any anonymizer setup and greatly limits the uses of an anonymizer because its blocking alot of your web access.

    Captchas are everywhere on every site that needs to protect itself from spambots. Thats great, but the problem there is, anonymous/IP masked web users aren't spambots-- They're real people trying to safely use the internet by trying to protect themselves those with malicious intent who may be monitoring their web activity.

    If anyone has a solution to this issue in Anonymouse or any other service like it, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

    Otherwise, since this is a thread about anonymouse specifically and asking for feedback on it I should probably include some feedback about the service in general aside from the issue I need to solve.

    I didnt try it for very long but from what I saw it seems to do a really good job at masking the IP address the IP that came up as my IP was for a place several hundred miles from here and web services that taylor advertisements and page suggestions to your geographic location were giving me things for the proxy location and not my actual location. Thats a pretty good test to use on any anonymizer service, at elast its one I always used with some good success in seeing as an indicator of how well I'm being masked or if the service is masking me at all.

    I would like to give it some more time and some more thorough tests in the future, and try the premium version as well. I do have to wonder if premium includes a solution to the captcha problem? I would definitely take that into consideration when contemplating buying the premium version, as well as anything else that may block your anonymous access to web services or limit your access in general.

    I'll try to offer some more feedback when I've had time to look at anonymouse in greater depth.
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