Anonymous Hackers Hit NATO: One Gigabyte of Military Data Lost

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    Anonymous Hackers Hit NATO: One Gigabyte of Military Data Lost

    As a part of its ongoing AntiSec campaign Anonymous hackers have reportedly breached NATO's cyber security making-off with one gigabyte of stolen data.

    Like its previous attacks the hack was reported on the group's Twitter page. Anonymous has since released two PDFs containing a portion of the data stolen, linking to them via two tweets:

    "We think, actually we may not release emails from The Sun, simply because it may compromise the court case. But..

    "Here is the next NATO Restricted PDF: | Outsourcing CIS in Kosovo (200:cool: | Enjyoing the war yet, NATO? #AntiSec"

    The group has since clarified that it will not be releasing a significant portion of the data due to its sensitive nature:

    "Yes, #NATO was breached. And we have lots of restricted material. With some simple injection. In the next days, wait for interesting data :)

    "We are sitting on about one Gigabyte of data from NATO now, most of which we cannot publish as it would be irresponsible. But Oh NATO...."

    At the time this article was written the second PDF released by Anonymous could not be accessed as too many users were attempting to download it. The tweet indicates that it links to the first document released by the hackers.

    The first document is a "Type B Cost Estimate Document" pertaining to "Project 2007/5VA30404-0".

    The document is at its heart a funding request for the CIS outsourcing project contained in the second release.

    The attack has been credited as a part of the group's ongoing AntiSec campaign. To date the group has targeted numerous governments and agencies it views as corrupt, or overtly attempting to censor or moderate the internet.

    The group has had previous misgivings about NATO after the military organisation listed Anonymous as a terrorist group.
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