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    Apr 28, 2004
    Hi there,

    This is to let you know that we have started the Acronis Online Backup Beta program

    Acronis Online Backup is a service integrated with Acronis True Image 2010 Home for backing up your data over the Internet. Acronis Online Backup features include:

    Encryption of data and transfers between client and server: To protect personal information from falling into the wrong hands, Acronis Online Backup uses the industry-standard AES cryptographic algorithm for encrypting the files before their transfer to the online storage. In addition, Acronis Online Backup uses an encrypted channel for data transfers between clients and remote server.

    Discrete backup process: If a backup is stopped/interrupted for any reason, it won’t start over from the beginning. It will just continue on from where it got interrupted.

    Automated schedule and backup data categories: For instance, a user can schedule the backups to the online storage to be performed at a time that won’t interfere with their normal usage of the computer (e.g. at night or during the lunch hour). A user also given the option of selecting files based on data categories for backup. This makes it easier for the user to backup all files of a certain type e.g. their MS Word or Excel files, thereby relieving the user from the chore of hunting down the files all over the hard drive.

    Backup of multiple computers with one account: Opening a single Online Backup account allows the user to backup and restore files from multiple computers, depending on the selected Online Backup Plan. This also allows the user to view/restore files from all machines backed up under the same account on any machine being backed up under that account.

    New interface: Simple, easy to use interface makes backup and restoration of your files a breeze.

    The Acronis Support Department does not provide support to beta testers. Please communicate all issues and questions to

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