Amecisco’s Invisible Keylogger Stealth: NOT DETECTED

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  1. first time user of this/any forum - hope this is the correct place to report this; please edit if nec


    ie.) Amecisco’s Invisible Keylogger Stealth

    details at:

    was found by running SpySweeper v2.6.1

    ALSO NOT FOUND: BrowserVillage Sidebar

    NOTE: I love SG and SB and want to thank the creators for such an excellent product. Furthermore making it free/donationware helps restore my computer when I cannot afford expensive (and often useless) software, and my faith in humanity. The software from J A V A C O O L S O F T W A R E has helped me several times on my systems when things weren't looking very promising. I look forward to trying some other products from JS, and will send an appropriate donation as soon as I am able. Kudos!

    I hope this will aid in providing a solution via SB and SG.
  2. BlackSwan

    BlackSwan Registered Member

    Jul 13, 2003
    This is most probably a SpySweeper F/P... Looks like it mistakes part of Windows InstallShield for a keylogger.

    Have a look here for some more info. :)

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