All of a sudden... "Can't open/create file" version=free14

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  1. weq92f

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    Oct 10, 2015
    About a month ago, I setup a full partition backup against my Windows partition ( about 244GB ). After that was successful, I then created incremental and watched it go for about 3 weeks before it started throwing this error.
    Nothing works now as any file I/O for new backups and restores get the error:

    Error: 65571 ( 0x10023 )
    Can't open/create file

    Platform: Windows 7 Pro SP1
    Source: local SATA 480GB SSD ( primary windows drive )
    Destination: local SATA 380GB HDD ( d:\paragon_repository )

    The files are accessible using windows tools. I have tried running the application as Administrator, chkdisk, sfc, and other remedies.

    Thank You for reading,