AIMP v3.60 Build 1495 Released

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    AIMP v3.60 Build 1495 Released


    Whats New:
    • SACD plugin: multi-threaded decoding is now supported
    • SACD Plugin: SACD images in the ISO format are now supported (experimental)
    • Tag Editor: the APEv2 tag is now automatically deleted from MP3 during saving changes
    • Fixed: Sound Engine - meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio
    • Fixed: player - bitrate of MP3 files detects incorrectly in some cases
    • Fixed: Player - format of internet radio stream in FLAC format in OGG container displays as OGG Vorbis.
    • Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs in some cases that leads to stop redrawing of playlist
    • Fixed: Playlist - non-natural sorting is used when adding folders to playlist
    • Fixed: Playlist - playlist starts playing again after delete last playing track from playlist, even if the "repeat track" option is switched off
    • Fixed: Tag Editor - album arts cache is not updated after edit the album art in tag editor
    • Fixed: Tag Editor - no an ability to play tracks in TAK / OFR / OFS formats
    • Fixed: Plugins - - information about the scrobbling sends to server twice in some cases, if off-line cache is not empty
    • Fixed: Plugins - Update Checker - downloading process does not canceled on closing the options dialog

    k1LHGxk.png Download: AIMP v3.60
    jl78BXt.png Changelog: AIMP Player v3.60
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