AIMP v3.51 Build 1288 Released

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    AIMP v3.51 Build 1288 Released

    Whats New:
    • Sound Engine: TAK decoder has been updated
    • Sound Engine: Cache system has been improved - CPU usage has been reduced
    • Playlists: auto name algorithm has been improved
    • Tag Editor: The progress of current operation is now displaying on the taskbar button
    • Skin Engine: The sizes of windows now automatically adjusted after screen resolution changing
    • Fixed: Common - The Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down hot keys does not work in secondary windows if its have been used as local hot keys in the player.
    • Fixed: Common - Bugs in some localizations
    • Fixed: Common - Format line parser does not process "\," set of symbols correctly
    • Fixed: Sound Engine - Tracks with long names cannot be played in some cases
    • Fixed: Sound Engine - No an ability to pause file playback, if it located on remote server
    • Fixed: Sound Engine - Program crashes during radio capture process, if playable track has incorrect symbols in one of its tag fields
    • Fixed: File Save Dialogue - No overwrite confirmation in some cases
    • Fixed: Browse Folder Dialogue - The Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + Down hot keys does not work
    • Fixed: Playlists - Deletion of the collapsed group expand group which placed below
    • Fixed: Playlists - Playlists Manager deletes playlists pass the recycle bin
    • Fixed: Playlists - the "Save playlist 'Default'" option is ignores when closing playlist tab
    • Fixed: Skin Engine - An ability to resize window is blocked after change skin to another without maximization support if window is maximized
    • Fixed: Skin Engine - Converter ignores special settings for All-In-One skins
    • Fixed: Pandemic AIO Skin - No ability to drag player window by its caption
    • Fixed: Audio Converter - Bugs with parameters selection in the "WMA Encoder Settings" dialogue
    • Fixed: Audio Converter - Bugs with parameters selection in the "OGG Vorbis Encoder Settings" dialogue
    • Fixed: Tag Editor - Incorrect files order in the "Analysis Result" dialogue
    • Fixed: Tag Editor - The M4A tag missing in the tags list for group removing / applying tag fields values
    • Fixed: Tag Editor does not recognize files which located in the Windows Libraries
    • Fixed: Audio Library does not take initial rating of file into account when adding file to database
    • Fixed: Audio Library displays wrong data in the report
    • Fixed: Small bugs and defects

    Download: AIMP v3.51
    Changelog: AIMP
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