Aidez moi à creer une regle siouplé :D

Discussion in 'LnS French Forum' started by zorg, Jan 17, 2004.

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  1. zorg

    zorg Registered Member

    Jan 13, 2004
    Salut :)

    Ben voilà j' utilise Direct connect :
    Seulement avec lns, je suis obligé d' être en mode passif et passe du coup à côté de pas mal de choses.
    Sur le site de dc++, ils donnent une marche à suivre pour configurer son firewall et eviter ainsi le mode passif, mais bon j' y comprend rien, j'ai besoin d' aide :-*

    Vous pouvez m' aider siouplé ?
    Merci ! ;)

    Active mode requires both TCP and UDP access on the same port for DC++ to work properly

    First you need to set up the router to forward the connections to the computer with DC++. This is could be called Port mapping, port redirecting, port forwarding or something like that. Find out how to do this with your router/NAT in the user manual.
    You need to forward one port (select a number between 1024 - 65535, they should mostly all be free. The default port is 1412, but it is wise to select a unique one) and make sure both UDP and TCP is forwarded.
    The IP that you are forwarding to should be the internal IP address of your DC++ computer. It usually begins with "192.168", "172.16." or "10.x.". Go to the command prompt and type: ipconfig
    When you have mapped a port, you need to open up DC++ and go to the settings. Where you select active mode, in the port field, enter the port number that you are forwarding on the router.
    In the IP field, you need to enter the external IP address of your router. This can easily be checked on here. Sometimes your IP address changes, if you have a dynamic IP, when you disconnect from your internet connection. Check your IP every now and then to make sure. It should now be working. If it is working for a while, but the next time you use DC++, you only get "Connection Timeout’s or no results when searching, your IP is likely to have changed.
  2. gkweb

    gkweb Expert Firewall Tester

    Aug 29, 2003
    FRANCE, Rouen (76)
    je ne connais pas ce prog mais d'apres l'explication :

    si tu n'as pas de routeur (juste Look'n'Stop) creer une regle pour autoriser
    en TCP et UDP le port local par defaut 1412.

    si tu as un routeur il faut en plus que tu redirige le port 1412 vers ton pc.

    si tu as configuré un autre port que 1412, met ton port a la place.
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