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    Quotes from the AIDA site:

    2004-02-15 17:10 CET

    About AIDA16:

    "Due to the constantly decreasing interest about our 16-bit DOS system information tool AIDA16, as of February 16, 2004 we have decided to discontinue the product and to remove all AIDA16 related contents from our website Development of AIDA16 was started in May 1995, but since the introduction of our 32-bit Windows system information tool AIDA32 less and less users are interested by AIDA16 for the already dead DOS platform. Please do NOT ask for source code of AIDA16, it is confidential and will not go public."

    About AIDA32:

    "On the other hand, due to the dramatically growing support requests, and considering the fact that we are facing too serious human resource lackness, we are forced to minimize our efforts to support AIDA32, in order to have more time for other activities. So as of February 16, 2004 we do NOT provide any official support for AIDA32. It means we respond to emails only in the case the email is about an intent to improve AIDA32 feature set or fix a problem. We preserve the right to ignore all messages about installation, configuration and application problems, however we will still be active on both the international and the Hungarian discussion forums."

    Note from me:
    You can find the international AIDA forum here:
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