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Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by John s, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. John s

    John s Guest

    There is mutch talk about "bots", i am regestred customer from sweden.
    My question is:
    Can TDS-3 find for example : SubSeven Bot, Bionet Bot, AttackBot, GT Bot, EvilBot and SlackBot and more.
    This typ of code often spread throw irc and www links.

    Mvh John
  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Hi John,

    TDS-3 has an huge database.
    You can look at the Primary List:
    In TDS-3 > Help > Primary List.
    You can do a search there.
    For example: many, many SubSeven's and Bionet's.
    BTW: be aware that what company A calls Trojan X, might call company B Trojan Y.

    Did you know that DiamondCS has a free tool IRClean:

    And don't forget the other DCS programs, like for example ProcessGuard !

    Regards, Jan.
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