AdGuard + a custom Hosts file -- suggestions?

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    Hopefully I've framed the question & the thread such that it will benefit others
    who have similar questions as myself --

    I'm a newcomer to AdGuard, but I've been using Steven Black's Hosts file
    happily/successfully on IE.11 for several weeks now (in tandem w/ ABP for IE) --

    would appreciate suggestions/recommendations from experienced users --

    * my 1st & Main objective is to get as proficient w/ AdGuard itself as quickly as possible -

    I'm willing to tolerate various ads/tracking/popups/etc again for awhile (if I have to)
    in order to really learn & understand the ins/outs of a kernel-level-driver-based app such as AdGuard.

    So would I be best served to re-install the default vanilla hosts file,
    such that I'm required (forced ;) ) to learn how to configure AdGuard to handle the things I encounter? -

    - many of which are [apparently] being handled by the custom hosts file?
    (because I haven't yet deployed Fiddler [IE.11] to actually prove to myself
    what's going on with http/s requests, etc.)

    - then later, employ whatever sorts of lists would best suit my own needs?

    (Of course I'll be disabling/uninstalling ABP).

    * Or, let the custom hosts file stay?

    I do understand how AdGuard does allow importing some of the same lists -
    and is, in fact, based on such lists [or, on their coding logic, if you will] -
    but in a way that allows granular tweaking of domains & subdomains -
    vs. the all-or-nothing url rerouting/disallowing of a hosts file.

    - Plus the ability of the AdGuard browser plugin to further refine the experience -

    I've pondered whether to go down the path of things like Privoxy/Proximitron/Proximodo
    (even though I understand their lack of current development status),

    or apps such as HostsServer by abelhadigital,
    as I do intend to learn how to deploy those sorts of local proxy servers -
    [all of this is a self-created I.T. career path]

    But studying through the 70+ p. main AdGuard thread here,
    I also saw how I can gain that same essence (local proxy server) w/ AdGuard -
    by toggling several configuration choices.

    I plan to deploy & learn uBlock-O also, as I have a desire & need to learn/understand
    the major players in each genre - machine-based as well as plugin-based.

    But for now, since I support some Windows users who won't switch from IE,
    together with some Macs also = why I'm going with AdGuard initially --
    with its multi-browser / multi-platform capability.

    Thanks very much for your time - experience - assistance.
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