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    Nov 19, 2006
    I changed the "registered user" name and "Computer name" on the new XP PRO partition formed by DD10 and it created a HYBRID "ADMINISTRATOR" from the "registered user name" and the "computer name". When I tried to download my browser software it denied the request and said the administrator only had permission to download their browser (ATT YAHOO). I went to "user accounts" and the HYBRID Administrator name was there, I clicked the "administrator box" and simply changed the name back to what the registered user's name was and was then allowed by ATT YAHOO to download their software (I know the proceedure by heart and need no setup disk {which didn'twork anyway as I use a wired router}). ON the web there were warnings about a default (and hidden ) ADMINISTRATOR password set up by IBM/ Microsoft OEM XP products. Other sites said Dell has also a simular setup on some of their machines (this is hearsay but Heads Up anyways). Remember to change registered user and computer name on added (same OS) partitions to keep files from conducting unorthodox operations (Since I did not hide the added partition IT shares "MY DOCUMENTS" and "RECYLE BIN" with the first XP PRO). Incidentally, over the net activation involved a slight fright as it failed to activate the added partition. In my case simlpy pressing "RETRY" allowed activation without the need to call Microsoft ( I have a multiple licence so this should have been no problem).
Thread Status:
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