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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by termineter, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. termineter

    termineter Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2007
    Germany / Frankfurt Main

    in the last week I'm testing Acronis True Image for Linux, because I've to find a solution to backup a Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server.
    The installation of the 15-day-evaluation version has finally done and everything works fine. As we'll have to backup and restore to a FTP-Drive (in the test environment a NAS- ALLNET6200) we have some problems with the testings:

    - First we choose the type of image
    -> Selection: Contains of hard disk or selected Partition

    Test 1:
    - Then we choose the partition
    -> if we choose the boot-partition (HDA1) everything is ok. The boot-partition has approx. 16 MB, and after normal compression we got an backup of approx. 6MB on the FTP-Space
    -> When we choose the system-partition (HDA2) for backup there occure problems. The NAS has approx. 80GB of free FTP-Space. It's formatted with EXT3-Filesystem. Under Backup-Options we choose "Max. Compression, and a fix DVD-size for each part of the backup. Now I'm wondering about some things:
    True Image writes only 2,3 GB backup-parts. Not 4,7GB (as I've set in options).
    - The system-partiton of the Red Hat-System has a used size of approx. 6,3GB with filesystem Ext3.
    The whole harddisk has 120GB of space.

    After we selected compression max. the image should take 54GB of FTP-Space on the destination (information in preview-windows).
    ... But the image-activity stops after several hours because the 80GB FTP-space is too small.

    It seems to me as Acronis will Image bit by by to the FTP-Space, and there is no compression, evn I've set this in the options-menu. Where is my error in reasoning?

    Test 2:
    As the first test failed, I've done another test.
    I choose not the whole partition HDA1 or HDA2, but choose the specific VolGroup-LogGroup (Dynamic- and GPT-Volumes) entries to image.
    There I choose only VolGroup00-LogVol00 which is the system with 6,3GB and "FileSystem" Ext3 and also VolGroup00-LogVol01/pdc-xyz1 /boot with 15MB als "FileSystem" Ext3.
    I ignored the entries pdc-xyz with 114,5GB without any type of FileSystem-Description.

    I thought, that this is the possibility to image only the "used space".

    In the end this second test fails with another reason:
    An error-message appears "E00070021: Can't access VolGroup00-Log00, because it's used from active applications or some sectors are damaged.

    As I've got a german version, I've to translate the menues and messages, so I'm sorry, when there are some mistakes...

    I hope someone can help me to get this problem fixed?!
    Thanks !

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