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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by scott198323234, Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. at first i got on fine with acronis true image, i made a image of c drive and backed it up when i needed to. I then updated the image because i had installed new programs and had new files saved. A few weeks later my pc went all srewed up and wouldnt connect to the internet so i thought i would just use acronis and back up the image. I went throught the procedure of backing up the image. acronis deleted the partition that windows was installed on then gave me a massage saying please insert the media marked volume 1. i did a google search on my girlfriends laptop and did not find many results to help me. i then thought sod acronis il try fixing my internet connection. so i exited acronis, my pc started to reboot and i got a message say that the file <windows root>\system32\hal.dll was missing! i later found out that acronis deleted the partition but failed to restore the image. im new going through the long process of reinstalling windows and iv also lost everything including all my valuable work!!! what a let down. think i might try norton ghost
  2. Brian K

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    It may still work. Was your image stored on DVD or elsewhere? How large was the image? How much data was on the HD? Did you try restoring from Windows or the Acronis CD? Did you verify the image? How many partitions on your HD?
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    Nov 18, 2004
    Insert media often means that Acronis thinks it's a removeable drive or you backed up the image on to discs. Did you try just proceeding without inserting anything, as if you had inserted something? /ifurf
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    Hi Scott,

    I hope you check back because we may be able to help.

    Could you clarify where you first created the image of your C drive and where you backed that image up to?

    When you updated the image, did you create a new full backup or do an incremental backup?
    I think you meant that you used Acronis to restore the image you had saved. Is that correct? Did you start Acronis from the hard drive or the Recovery CD?

    When you selected the drive that contained the backup image, was it a CD or DVD drive and did you have the last disk of a multiple disk backup set in the drive?
    If you still have the backup images, you should be able to restore your data from them. The feature you would use is Explore. If the image is on more than one CD or DVD, you need to copy it to a hard drive with all the parts in a single folder before you can Explore.

    Alternatively, you may be able to restore your best image and save a lot of time.

    Please give us some more information to work with including the Build of True Image you have, the operating system and what drives/partitons you have internally and externally.
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