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    Aug 29, 2014
    Hello, I backed up my XP SP3 system.
    I used Paragon B&R 14 Home IN Windows, VSS Hot Processing and Archive Splitting unchecked.
    I backed up First Hard Disk Track + MBR + C:\ . (unchecked the Recovery OEM partition because I have recovery dvd's).
    Restore from Windows environment seems ok because I can select the whole archive or parts of the archive. However, when booting from Linux cd and select the Restore wizard, when I click on the archive folder, it is not accepted as a whole, I must doubleclick the folder and inside there are 2-3 items one with .pbf extension and the other with .pfi extension. If I want to restore the whole archive, MBR + C:\, how would I do it??
    Would select .pbf file is the solution, and in that case what is the purpose of the .pfi file?? What are the exact steps in order to restore the whole archive??(First Hard Disk Track +MBR + C:\)??
    Thank you.