A.P.A.I.S. Version released!

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    Jan 9, 2006
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    Advanced Process Analysis and Identification System Technician's Edition

    A.P.A.I.S. is a live system analysis tool designed to take a single process, and inspect it thoroughly to provide field technicians full spectrum identification, and analysis capability.

    It is similar to an anti-malware but without active protection or the ability to scan the entire system, as I designed it to perform tasks and interact with the user in ways impractical to ordinary anti-malware tools in order to accurately identify malicious live processes that may have somehow eluded active protection, and operate in live system memory...


    Release Notes:
    Improved UI, Re organized Menus and many new features...

    We hope technicians and system administrators will find the recent updates actually help improve analysis performance, and reduces their workload...


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