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  1. Riverwind

    Riverwind Guest

    Just spotted this


    But it is not a "scanner" like a AV-Scanner, it is a tool
    to classificating Malware (new and unknown malware).

    You have to "Drag'n'Drop" Malware into it and if it detects something it alerts you.

    Proberly you should start a thread in the public security DSLR Forum, because if i send it only to you i will get other requests from other peoples as well.

    And maybe the users (which are suspecting a file to be a virus or something) can scan it before with ADEMA so that we know about what type of malware we are speaking.

    I improve this little program all the time, because it is for me here at work even a great help.

    It is even be able to analyse polymorphic viruses (such as parite.b and Mimail.Q or Dumaru) and so on.
  2. wizard

    wizard Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2002
    Europe - Germany - Duesseldorf
    There will be no further development of ADEMA due to "legal" issues. It was a nice tool especially for more advanced users...

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