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Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by Ocky, Aug 30, 2009.

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    In Windows XP I used 7-zip in preference to the very limited built in Windows archiver. I wanted something like it for Ubuntu and yesterday found 7-zip in both Hardy and Jaunty. In Synaptic search for and install p7zip-full. (There is also a p7zip-rar package).
    It is command line only and integrates with File Roller. For instance when right clicking on a folder>Create Archive, File roller will have these extra compression options ..

    Create archive.jpg

    As in the Windows version one can encrypt the archive using a password. There are several choices regarding the algorithms to use e.g. AES 256, but the defaults should be OK - one always runs the risk of someone not being able to open an AES encrypted archive. I can now email encrypted archives containing confidential stuff. :cool:
    Please note that the program is not suitable for backing up purposes as it does not preserve file permissions.
    Mostly I would be using these basic commands:-

    7z a -tzip -pfox test.zip yourfile.txt
    7z a -tzip -pfox test.zip yourfile.txt -mx9 (mx9 = Ultra
    7z a -t7z -mx=9 test.7z yourfile.txt
    7z a -tzip -mx=9 archive.zip Temp/ (For Directories)
    7z a -tzip -mx=9 -pfox test.7z yourfile.txt

    -a = add files to archive
    -t = type of archive
    -m = method of compression
    -p = password
    -x = level of compression eg. 9 = Ultra, 7 = Standard, 5 = Default etc

    Examples from the Manual - can get as intricate as you want ..

    7z a -t7z archive.7z *.exe *.dll -m0=BCJ2 -m1=LZMA:d23 -m2=LZMA:d19 -m3=LZMA:d19
    -mb0:1 -mb0s1:2 -mb0s2:3

    adds *.exe and *.dll files to archive archive.7z using BCJ2 converter, LZMA with 8 MB dictionary for main output stream (s0), and LZMA with 512 KB dictionary for s1 and s2 output streams of BCJ2.

    7z a -t7z archive.7z *.txt -m0=PPMd

    adds *.txt files to archive archive.7z using PPMd method.

    Now an animated gif (excuse the quality) showing simple creation of a 7zip archive ..


    .... and opening the password protected archive by clicking on the 7zip icon ...

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