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Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by -.--.-, Jun 5, 2005.

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    In this topic ( https://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?p=478484#post478484 ) I have properly explained that the use of cracks may be illegal.

    A retired moderator came to the conclusion:

    "It goes without saying that the use of cracks is an act of stealing, and therefor ANY user who uses a crack is a THIEF !!!

    Can we now stop talking about all this crap !!!

    This board was never meant to be a discussion board about cracks !
    I can tell you, I was here from day one."

    Dear FanJ: Please let me inform you that your comment does not add anything important to my post. It is merely an unbalanced statement which is suited for simple minds. I have correctly stated that the use of cracks MAY be illegal because not all cracks are illegal. For example, in many jurisdictions the use of CD-cracks (i.e., cracks which allow a legit owner of a game to use it without inserting a CD but not w/o using a legit CD key) is not illegal. (Such cracks may still be infected with malware.) Moreover, a well-known computer magazine called c't has recently posted a 2 bytes crack which allows you to turn a Windows XP Home version (almost) into a Windows XP Pro version. I am pretty sure that c't has checked the legal situation prior to writing the respective article... I would be grateful if you could think first and then post comments which may be considered CRAP. Thanks in advance.

    Dear LowWaterMark:

    "Frankly, I have to agree with Jan on this. This forum's position is that using cracks is illegal - period. We would never condone their use under any circumstances, even if someone feels justified because they bought and then somehow lost their license, or anything else like that.

    Whether cracks contain some form of malware or not is a question for another online forum - not Wilders. This thread is closed, and this topic will not be discussed here."

    Yet another wrong moderator/administrator decision. But don't get me wrong. The problem is not that you did not get it right. The problem is the well-known censorship policy @ Wilders Security which shall make it impossible to inform mods/admins when they are simply wrong. Yeah I know ... mod/admin decisions are not subject to discussion. What a stupid kindergarden ...

    Please delete this topic as soon as you can. Perhaps this will help you to sleep and dream of a world that is as simple as you may want to believe ...
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    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    Every few months you raise this same issue. If you dislike what you are calling the "censorship" that happens here, then go else where. We will continue to run this site this way. Meanwhile, you go and run your site the way you want. It's simply a matter of different styles, and this is ours.
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