1% from 2% error message when updating data

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by minihaha8q, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. minihaha8q

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    May 2, 2004
    o_O i have a recurring error which drives me nuts....every so often after downloading or updating applications (including windows updates from microsoft site) which need a reboot to update data i keep getting this error message that reads "windows cannot update data 1% from 2%"...this is an e machine 520 and it runs windows ME the only way out seems to be reformatting. all i have with pc is 2 restore discs which came from e machines. i have even tried overinstalling ME from a copy disc that a friend gave me....when searching on the problem in the past i have discovered the problem is a corrupt file winninit exe...how it keeps corrupting i don't know or i might be able to stop this happening again....the "fix" for the problem is rename the winninit file then extract a new one from ME disc...this is long and complicated and doesn't seem to work for me...i tried it once and lost the whole lot...the only answer seems to be reformatting which i did AGAIN at the end of april all was well then i updated yahoo messenger a few days ago and guess what??....yep on reboot to update data i got the 1% from 2% message again i coulda screamed...this time the message scrolled for well over an hour before i got the "hit any key to restart windows" option..i thought i'd lost the lot....i have everything copied on discs just in case but please have u any sugestions to stop this or maybe ideas why this keeps happening??....aol is my b/band server for internet access :'( o_O
Thread Status:
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