1.0 beta not working under virtual os?

Discussion in 'Ghost Security Suite (GSS)' started by buffet, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. buffet

    buffet Registered Member

    Mar 31, 2006
    We bought PG, but AD being the best ever so I plan to switch to it when it comes to final release.
    We have windows 2003 server with "parallels workstation" installed to host virtual os on this box. After install AD on a win2k3 virtual server box, AD does not run anyway? Is this an issue with parallels workstation virtual machine or win2k3 Active-Directory Domain?

    - We have AD1.0beta running well under the host os (win2k3 server, no domain, no active directory).
    any ideas? thx.

    - We dont see any driver installation alarm when installing AD1.0beta under PG3.3b4 protection (max) - the same to ghostwall inbound firewall

    - is there a safe way to have windows live update actived running and not bothering AD users like it does with PG users and a like?

    ps: Any licensed PG users have any discount or a special treat when they want to switch to AD? Hope it is not a wrong post! thx
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Thread Status:
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