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Features: Features of B3D Killer:
-Removes all traces of the Brilliant Digital software (dlls and executables) from your computer.
-Deletes most, if not all, registry keys associated with the program and its "auto-install" function (which lets it re-install itself silently when you browse a webpage).
-Displays output of all actions performed.
-Is only 52 kb.

Current Version:

B3D Killer v1.6 (Posted: 4/15/02) *NEW* (Download mirror from Wilders Security Organization - thank you!)

B3D Killer now removes ALL known traces of B3D\Brilliant Digital from your system (INCLUDING the newest version released on the web and through KaZaA v1.6).

We recommend that everyone who downloaded v1.1.2 re-download to get this new version.

-Added new files, folders, and registry keys installed with new version of BDE (new version is confirmed in many Kazaa downloads).

Version History:
v1.6 (Released 4/15/02)
-Added new files, folders, and registry keys installed with new version of BDE.
v1.1.2 (Released 4/8/02)
-Added a couple more B3D registry keys.
v1.1 (Released 4/5/02)
-Added 29 new B3D/BDE registry keys to be deleted!
v1.0.2 (Released 4/4/02)
-First public release.

Not sure why you would want to "purge" B3D/BDE/Brilliant Digital from your system? Read THIS ARTICLE from cnet's news.com

The Brilliant Digital software is installed by popular programs such as Kazaa (and some others - the old Morpheus ALSO installed this software). Some websites ALSO install this "scumware". Using the B3D Killer program will eliminate the Brilliant Digital software from your system.

Wilders.org --> A GREAT site with information on security, spyware, etc. A must-visit if you are concerned at all about these recent happenings.